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Mentor Prot�g� Program

Ken Grunley and P.J. Goel



Grunley Construction Company, Inc. is Goel Services� SBA approved mentor.

Engineering News Record ranked Grunley Construction 266th among the "Top 400 Contractors" in the nation and ranked Grunley 5th in the "Top 25 in Government Offices" contractors in the U.S. According to Washington Business Journal, Grunley Construction was the 4th largest interior construction firm in the metropolitan Washington region. Some high-profile projects Grunley Construction has completed are: the National WWII Memorial, Washington Monument, the Supreme Court of the United States, Modernization of Ariel Rios, U.S. Treasury Main Building, Old Post Office Building, and Eisenhower Executive office building.

The organizational charts below illustrate the two scenarios and responsibility for the team members.


  Contracting Services    
  General Contracting
  Construction Management @ Risk
  Wrecking Services  
  Environmental Remediation  
  Window Replacements
  Doors, Frames, and Hardware
  General Labor
  Mechanical Insulation  

What the joint venture can offer:
We can offer you the expertise, timeliness, professionalism, and background unlike any other SBA 8(a) certified contractor. The joint venture has a proven track record or successful projects.

What we can perform in house:
For any renovation project, the joint venture can perform a number of tasks IN-HOUSE. This allows our unique entity to outperform our competitors, and allows use to fast-track projects as we control the schedule.

There are two instances in which a Grunley-Goel JV LLC project can be 8(a) certified:
1. Grunley/Goel JV LLC awarded project
2. Goel as Prime and Gunley as CM

Advantages of using Grunley Goel JV LLC
Proven Quality Control
Cost Control


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