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From cryogenic piping insulation to high temperature steam piping to HVAC duct insulation, Goel Services has experience in a wide range of insulation projects. Goel Services intends to meet your commercial and industrial insulation needs on both current and future projects. We want to work with you to determine your insulation requirements as you make changes and expansions to your business.

The company has access to qualified refrigeration insulation mechanics that are dedicated to providing the customers with a top quality and vapor tight insulation system.

Goel Services provides qualified installers to perform UL approved firestopping systems properly and at a reasonable price.

Goel Services specialty is "heat tracing"; the application of steam, fluid, or electric heat tracing to piping, tanks, instrumentation, and other equipment. Our mission is to enhance our customers' operations by providing innovative and reliable heat tracing solutions at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Job: Insulation Term Contract, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS)
Value: $108,070
Dates: 2004 & 2005
Agency: Montgomery County Public Schools
Location of Work: Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland

On these contracts, Goel Services is performing insulation services for MCPS on an on-call basis.

A summary of work is listed below:

Rachael Carson ES $16,423
Captain James Daly ES $16,423
Tilden ES $40,409
Thomas Edison ES $34,818


Job: Prince George�s Community College Mechanical Renovations
Value: $122,000
Dates: August 2004 - October 2004
Mechanical Contractor: American Combustion Industries, Inc.
Location of Work: Prince George�s County, Maryland

On this contract, Goel Services replaced the pipe insulation on 10,000 lf of underground pipe. Goel Services also performed the asbestos removal in four buildings. Work was performed in confined spaces and in very tight tunnels connecting all of the buildings steam and water systems together throughout the campus.

Job: Senate Square Condominiums
Value: $ 447,000
Dates: 2006-2007
Contractor: Davis Construction
Mechanical Contractor: JCM Associates, Inc.
Location of Work: Washington, D.C.

For this contract Goel Services will perform all thermal insulation services. We will insulate pipe, duct, and equipment for JCM. The project will start in September of 2006

Job: Band Area Insulation - Building 2 Bolling Air Force Base
Value: $84,000
Dates: July 2004 - September 2004
Mechanical Contractor: Speciality Construction Management
Location of Work: Washington, D.C.

Goel Services insulated the new ductwork and mechanical system throughout Building 2 at Bolling AFB as a subcontractor to SCM Mechanical Contractors.



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