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Goel Services provides cost-effective wrecking and demolition services including knockdown, interior demolition and selective demolition services. Coupled with our environmental division, Goel Services is also able to quickly remediate any hazardous waste materials that may be discovered.

Services provides cost-effective wrecking and demolition services, including knockdown, interior demolition and selective demolition services.

Goel Services has experience with implosion services, as Goel Services was the first contractor in over thirty years in Downtown Washington to utilize implosion to knock down the old DC Convention Center. Implosion services can reduce costs and time frames for larger projects.

Goel Services provides commercial trash pickup, commercial recycling, construction and demolition roll-off services, industrial compactor roll-off services.
Goel Services provides core drilling and saw cutting services. Core drilling is the preferred method of making openings in existing concrete for installation of new piping and conduit in existing structures.

Job: Implosion & Demolition of the Old D.C. Convention Center
Value: $5,948,000
Dates: August 2004 - June 2005
Client: Washington Convention Center Authority
Location of Work: Downtown, Washington, D.C.

Goel Services was awarded the contract for the demolition of the old D.C. Convention Center by the D.C. Convention Center Authority in June 2004, using the implosion technique. The building was 380,000 square feet and covered a 10.5 acre lot in downtown Washington DC. This was the first building implosion in Washington D.C. in over thirty years

Job: Demolition of Housing, Andrews Air Force Base
Value: $9,100,000
Dates: November 2004- Present
Client: Sundt
Location of Work: Andrews Air Force Base

Goel Services is performing the demolition of Housing Units at Andrews Air Force Base under the package as subcontractor for Sundt Construction. This project also includes grading, earthwork, and utility scopes.

Task Order 001: Demo of Buildings SP-31, SP-241, SP-102, SP-105 & SP-225
Value: $2,725,000
Dates: April 2006 - November 2006
Client: US Navy - Sewells Point
Location of Work: Sewells Point, Norfolk, VA

Goel Services was low bidder on the MACC for this large scale demolition project at Sewells Point. This project involves demolishing the hangar adjacent to the air field and crushing all concrete off-site to a 21A aggregate size and using the crushed concrete as backfill for the site. Restoration includes extension of the tarmac and asphalt work.

Job: Sousa Middle School - Demo, Asbestos & Insulation
Value: $2,945,000
Dates: August 2005- September 2007
Client: D.C. Public Schools
Location of Work: Washington, D.C.

On this project Goel Services performed asbestos abatement in phase one of this modernization project before the 2005 school opening year on an accelerated based and completed over $1 Million in asbestos work in less than three weeks. The asbestos work was performed through DCPS directly and demolition and the remainder of phase two is being performed for the modernization contractor Tompkins. Additionally, Goel Services is performing the insulation for PowerMax.

Job: Marietta, Fuller, Ritz, and Mozart Buildings
Value: $308,000
Dates: April 2004- Present
Client: Linden Contracting
Location of Work: Washington D.C.

On this DC Lead Safe project with Jubilee Housing, Goel Services was tasked with lead cleanup and demolition of four apartment buildings. The project included removal of lead components, stabilization of flaking lead paint, and lead dust cleanup. The Marietta was completed two weeks after the award was given.



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